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Public Interest Network Services Inc. &
Public Interest Telecom Inc.

History & Philosophy

Public Interest Network Services: (PINS) has been operating successfully for 20 years, and currently offers a full range of voice, data and Internet products and services.

In the early 1980s, Steven Gelmis began assisting not-for-profit organizations seeking to maximize the benefits they derived from their telecommunications budgets. Working with restricted funds and well-defined needs, he provided hundreds of not-for-profits with PBXs and Key Telephone Systems, and organized a long distance bulk-purchasing cooperative to acquire the best communications solutions available with limited resources. Purchasing long distance service in bulk reduced the cost for each member.

Over the years PINS has added many services in response to the needs of our clients. Each need was analyzed, and the best technology available at the time was deployed to meet that need. Rather than following a build-it-and-they-will-come business plan, the decision to add any new service at PINS has always been driven by two criterion: Does it offer our clients a better value than they currently receive, and can we provide the service competently and profitably?

This formula, practiced consistently, has made Public Interest Network Services a very stable and durable company. PINS has been profitable in every year of its existence, has no debt, and finances it's operations completely out of current cash flow and retained earnings...certainly a rarity, and very probably a unique circumstance for any US telecommunications company.

PINS client base long ago expanded beyond the non-profit sector. However, the philosophy and mission that brought PINS into existence, continues to guide it today. We purchase telecommunication services in bulk from several major carriers. From this pool of resources, we configure and manage the best combination of voice, data and Internet services for each client. Every aspect of the service is managed on the PINS network, by PINS engineers with decades of experience spanning three generations of telephone and data technology.

PINS is a true Local Exchange Carrier, not a Verizon reseller. Our client telephone calls and Internet traffic travel through PINS routers and switches. Our primary facility, at 50 West 17th Street, is connected via two different fiber networks to multiple carriers for voice calls, and multiple Tier one Internet backbone operators. We are protected against power failure with UPS, batteries and a generator.