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Public Interest Network Services Inc. &
Public Interest Telecom Inc.

Steven Gelmis

Born on Houston's Telephone Road during the month of the Sputnik launch (October 1957), and raised down the block from New York Telephone Company's E79th St CO in Manhattan, Steve began investigating the inner workings of the Bell Telephone System from a hobbyist's and hacker's perspective at age 14. During High School and College he built and installed several telephone systems from scratch for parents of friends (one of which remains in use to this day), and developed several devices and methods to access or bypass internal billing and routing functions of the public telephone network -- demonstrating an early interest and ability in both business and engineering.

In 1980, Steve began doing telecom projects for social service not-for-profit organizations on both a paid and volunteer basis - setting aside use of his college training in solar engineering and architecture. By 1984 the volume and scope of these projects culminated in the founding of Public Interest Telecommunications Inc. (PITI) as a PBX sales & service company, and a few years later, Public Interest Network Services Inc. (PINS) as a licensed local & long distance carrier.

Steve is an avid sailor and traveler, and lives canal-side in a unique self-designed home with his wife Magdalena in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn.

David Birnbaum

David's experience with data and voice networking began in 1988, when he worked at New Mexico State University, an original ARPANET participant. Trained as a chemist, David soon discovered that he preferred spending time in the University Computer Center to the Chemistry Lab. Arriving in New York City in 1990, David spent seven years in senior technical positions for several Wall Street firms, including Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, and ING Barings Bank as architect of their UNIX-based software distribution systems and Cisco networking solutions.

He left Wall Street in 1996 to start his own company, Chelsea Networks, specializing in software development, technical services, and networking operations. Chelsea Networks set up its technical operations within PINS' network facility, giving David and Steve an opportunity to work closely together leading to development of a strong mutual respect and appreciation. Along the way Chelsea Networks developed the core billing, tax compliance, customer database, and network monitoring software used by PINS today.

In 2002, David joined Steve as his partner to develop and deploy Next Generation telephone and data services to the PINS customer base. David is an accomplished chef and devoted Ultimate Frisbee league player. He and his wife Jennifer and two children live in a Chelsea loft.