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Single location: Basic Voice/Data T1

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Organizations with as few as eight telephone lines can realize improved service at reduced cost by converting to a PINS combined Voice/Data T1.

A T-1 circuit can carry 24 channels of voice and/or data communication, and is often called a local loop. One or more T-1s is installed to connect the client's office to the PINS Network Operations Center on West 17th Street in Manhattan.

The PINS Network Operations Center is connected to multiple carriers on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for voice calls, and is fully peered to the Internet backbone.

On the client side of the loop, an IP router, which can separate voice channels from data channels, is connected to the T1. The channels designated for voice are connected to the client's PBX telephone switch using a T-1 interface card, or converted to POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) or Centrex lines. The T-1 channels designated for Internet access are connected to the computers on the client's Local Area Network via an Ethernet port on the router.