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Recent history has taught the importance of redundancy. PINS works with each client to determine what level of redundancy is ideal based on the cost and benefits.

The most common entry-level redundancy arrangement, consists of one or two POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines. If the T1 local loop is interrupted for whatever reason, some level of communication for both outgoing and incoming calls can be maintained. Incoming calls can be forwarded from the PINS Network Operations Center to these backup lines, or to cellular or home phone numbers.

A higher level of redundancy involves using multiple T1 local loops from different carriers. Routers and switches at the PINS Network Operations Center manage the traffic on these loops. Any interruption of service on either loop goes unnoticed by the client.

In some locations, wireless local loops can be provisioned, adding an additional level of redundancy not subject to events likely to interrupt an underground circuit.

Each additional level of redundancy further insures that an organization will remain in contact with the world. Each level also brings additional cost. We help to find a comfortable balance.