Public Interest

50 West 17th Street
Ninth Floor
New York, NY 10011
(212) 479-1700

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Account Management

Public Interest Network Services Inc. &
Public Interest Telecom Inc.

Escalation List

Public Interest is deeply committed serving our clients and being highly responsive to any need or problem that may arise. The following is the Public Interest Escalation list. If you feel your issue is not being addressed in timely fashion, then escalate the issue to the next level:

Level 1

All Billing Inquiries and Technical support
Telephone: (212) 479-1700

Level 2

Gregory Lett, Senior Network Manager
Telephone: (917) 379-7374

Level 3

Michael Lavelle, VP Customer Relations
Telephone: (917) 379-6768

Level 4

David Birnbaum, COO
Telephone: (917) 716-6270

President's Hotline

Steve Gelmis, President
Telephone: (917) 251-2372